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What is Pathwork?


Pathwork™ is a method of personal growth that involves emotional, spiritual and mental work to better understand the origin of problems and to make the changes necessary to live a fuller, more balanced life. Pathwork Australia is a Chapter of Pathwork International, a not-for-profit educational foundation which has many other country specific affiliates throughout the world.

A vibrant way of life...  "A challenge, an exciting journey, a process that makes life so intensely real and wholesome, so secure and fulfilling that you would not want to give it up for anything."     • Pathwork Guide Lecture No.204 

A journey of immense beauty...   "If you are willing and prepared to discover all of yourself, you are indeed embarking on a journey of immense beauty."     • Pathwork Guide Lecture No.204 

"Greetings, my dearest friends..."

With these words, the entity that spoke through Eva Broch Pierrakos would start to describe how the larger world of spirit surrounds and contains us. Within 258 lectures, transmitted fortnightly from 1956 through 1979, the Guide offered us a new vision; a startlingly optimistic view of why we are here, what we are trying to accomplish, and how much assistance is available to us - if we ask spirit for help.

Re-discovering old truths... 

"...this Path is not new; it has existed in many different forms for as long as human beings have lived on this earth."     • Pathwork Guide Lecture No.204

     Pathwork™ in Australia is a chapter of the International Pathwork Foundation (IPF) and is authorised to teach the lectures, develop Pathwork Transformation Programs for individual and group process work, and organise training for new Pathwork Helpers.  You may download the Guide Lectures in either the full text or edited versions at the IPF website,


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The Pathwork Process 


Pathwork invites us to look deeply and honestly within, and to take responsibility for - and control of - our lives. We learn practical ways of discovering and changing the inner causes of outer "unfulfilments". This is a path of growing self-knowledge and self-acceptance, which leads to self-transformation.

Central to the Pathwork is a belief in our essential and permanent divinity. This enables us to face and transform what all of us deeply fear: our temporary blindness and negativity.

It may seem paradoxical, but our self-love inevitably grows as we actively confront and change the worst in us. When these rejected aspects of self are healed and reintegrated with the already healthy parts, our inner wars end and we become whole, strengthened, and more loving.

Pathwork™ offers....

  •  An extraordinarily pragmatic view of how human beings can become dysfunctional, individually, within family units and as societies and cultures.... despite well-intentioned and conscious attempts to strive for peace and love.
  •  An intense examination of the Lower Self, the part of us that refuses to say Yes, refuses to believe, and can actively sabotage our efforts to find happiness and harmony.
  •  Tools and skills to assist you in uncovering old belief systems that may be affecting your life without your conscious knowledge or consent.

Mind, body, feeling, will and spirit....

All of these levels affect our ability to function in the real world. While it is occasionally useful to focus upon one level more than the others, ultimately we desire all of ourselves to come into harmony.

Pathwork™ is more than concepts; it is a daily practice... a practice that enlivens and deepens interactions between human beings. Whether you study the materials on your own or find others to work with, it will be within the daily interactions of your own life where you will find the Pathwork principles of greatest value.

With a clear sense of where we are and how we got there, finding our way home becomes a joyous and exciting adventure.

Blessings upon your journey!

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Working within Australia 


 Workshops and seminars within Australia will be announced on this site and sent to all current email contacts. We are not able to post announcements due to cost. Personal sessions with a Pathwork Helper by telephone (including skype with video if available) 

can offer support and insight into your process work.  A listing of North American Helpers is available through the International Pathwork Foundation website,  As of July 2013, there are no Pathwork Helpers resident in Australia or New Zealand.

Pathwork Transformation Students who have completed Year Three of the formal Pathwork Transformation Program may begin their Helpership Development Programs by assisting at workshops, teaching Introductory Lecture Study classes, tutoring Transformation Program students and helping to develop self-led groups. Their work is supervised by a certified Pathwork Helper.

Jan Rigsby, Director of Pathwork in Australia    

Pathwork invites us to look deeply and honestly within, and to take responsibility for - and control of - our lives. We learn practical ways of discovering and changing the inner causes of outer  

In addition to 8 years of Helpership training and a Degree in Psychology, her education includes Voice Dialogue, Core Energetics©, Somatic Experiencing©, Past Life Awareness and Soul Genesis©, a method for addressing distortions and contradictions held within our Akashic Records.

Jan's life experience includes 20 years of business management, owning a manufacturing facility which provides specialised services to the Electronics Industry, parenting two children and piloting small aircraft.

She lived in Australia for 7 years  (2000-2006) in response to requests for locally supported PathworkJanBird.jpg programs. She now supervises the ongoing certification of Australian Helpers and the development of self-led Pathwork groups throughout the continent.  In December 2006 she returned to the USA and foundded Pathwork in Texas.  In 2010, Jan was invited to help care for her granddaughter in Brooklyn NY, and in 2013 she will move with her family to Chicago.  She continues to be available for workshops, training, and support for the Pathwork in Australia and still owns her home in Nambucca, NSW. Jan responds to all enquiries from these sites.

Jan works within the complexities of multiple realms of thought and energetic realities to detangle and clarify perceptions and feelings, so that our Real Self, our unique inner essence, can be brought more fully into consciousness and empowered. Jan also likes to laugh, and uses humour and down to earth examples to bring abstract concepts into focus.

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The heart of the Pathwork is 258 lectures, delivered from 1956 to 1979 through the channel Eva Broch Pierrakos. The profound truth of this material enables us to illuminate our daily lives and find the deeper meaning of existence.

The lectures provide insight into the multidimensional aspects of our individual personality, ego, spiritual self and universal consciousness. We are challenged to become aware of our illusions about "what is" so that we can see current reality accurately and envision what will be possible through our growth.

Tools and Techniques

Pathwork is an in-the-world spiritual path, which helps to resolve everyday problems as well as ultimate questions of existence. This path leads to inner peace, security, and a sense of being meaningfully connected to the universe. Some examples includ

Decisions and Tests. Pathwork Guide Lecture #2
Communication with God: Daily Review. PGL #28
Personality - Three Basic Types: Reason, Will, and Emotion PGL #43
The Vicious Circle. PGL #50
Self Confidence and What Prevents It. PGL #77
The Idealised Self Image. PGL #83
Emotional Growth and Its Function. PGL #89
The Defence. PGL #101
The Language of the Unconscious. PGL #124
Unity and Duality. PGL #143
The Process of Meditation. PGL #182
The Spiritual Meaning of Crisis. PGL #182
The Power of the Word. PGL #233
Pain of Injustice. PGL #249
Worksheets and additional materials may be downloaded at no charge from

There are a limited number of lectures which have been translated into Portuguese; you may download these as a folder (see below) or contact me to have them emailed to you. 

Spanish translations of the lectures are also now available directly through

 Distance Learning - An Alternative

A Distance Learning Program is offered as an alternative to formal programs which require attendance at regular workshops and seminars. It is designed for mature students who feel they can apply prior learning to the course materials, or who cannot manage to attend classes during the first two years. Since each weekend retreat module includes 16-18 hours of instruction, process and group activities, students should carefully consider whether or not self-directed Distance Learning would work for them. Distance Learning has been designed as an alternative, and may not be easier, faster or less expensive than participation in a standard Transformation Program.

Not sure about Distance Learning?  If you are not sure whether Distance Learning will work for you, consider downloading program materials and working through some of them on your own.  Completing the assignments for the first module, filling out the life inventory, and exploring the additional materials may clarify your objectives. Materials for Module 1 are available for download from the Resources page of